Irish Penny Watch

About Us

Irish Penny Watch is a Dublin based company dedicated to designing and creating a world class range of timepieces manufactured using genuine historic Irish coins.

Our products capture and preserve real and tangible pieces of Irish history to create a uniquely Irish keepsake for you, or a thoughtful gift that can be given and passed down from generation to generation.

We source original irish coinage to create our products. For our Classic Irish Penny Watch Range we use coins minted and circulated by the Irish State between 1928 and 1968 and, for our recently introduced Irish Penny Decimal Watch Range, we use coins minted and circulated during the Irish decimal era from 1971 to 2000.

We pride ourselves on the design and creation of each of our timepieces. Our coins are cleaned and polished to return them to their original state, and great care is taken with the manufacture, packaging and presentation.

Each timepiece arrives with a manufacturer’s guarantee and a booklet containing both information about the featured coin and insight into the historic period for which the coin was in circulation.

The Irish Penny Watch serves as a practical timepiece and a beautifully crafted piece of Irish cultural history that you and your loved ones can keep and cherish forever.

Céad Míle Fáilte